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  • Application of the low speed current meter and water turbidity
    ApplicationofthelowspeedcurrentmeterandwaterturbidityinSuzhouRivers Tosolvetheproblemsofwaterturb...
  • Completed the China Maritime project of automatic monitoring
  • Established with cooperation with China Zhongtie Bridge Engineering
    OurcompanyhaveestablishedwithcooperationwithChinaZhongtieBridgeEngineering Ultrasonicdopplercurre...
  • Report of measuring flow velocity and flow rate in Yellow River Conservancy Committee
    ReportofmeasuringflowvelocityandflowrateinYellowRiverConservancyCommittee Ourcompanyhavemadeexper...
  • Comopleted China Maritime project of automatic motoring system and put into use


Xiamen Boyida Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2006. Our company is a technology enterprise mainly engaged in researching and producing hydrological instruments、oceanograghic instruments integrated with a fair branch, the labor, the trade in a body high tech enterprise.


Our company has technical personnel with high、middle and junior levels in that above 95% are university graduates. The development strategy has put into practice with high starting port and high quality. We have adhered to the principle of striving for survival on basis of the quality、efficiecy on basis of the management、innovation on basis of development、service on basis of market, have a foothold with the market, service for the market and bring our advantage in order to develop and manufacture a innovative and characteristic in itself satisfied with the society need.



Our company is in possession of chinese intellectual property rights,the mainly products we have are ultrasonic doppler velocity meter、portable ultrasonic doppler velocity meter and ultrasonic doppler velocity and direction meter owned state industry product licence.The licence NO.is (闽)XK07-002-00002.



Our company has five departments with administration、technology、quality inspection、production and sales.



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  • 我们竭诚为您服务!
  • 我们竭诚为您服务!
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